Kasm Workspaces

Container Streaming

Streaming containerized apps and desktops to end-users. The Workspaces platform provides enterprise-class orchestration, data loss prevention, and web streaming technology to enable the delivery of containerized workloads to your browser.

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Browser Isolation

Protect your organizations from malware, ransomware and phishing by using zero-trust web isolation.

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Remote Workspaces

Provide secure Desktop as a Service (DaaS) to employees and vendors. Access from any browser, no VPN/client install required.

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App Streaming

Effortlessly stream containerized applications to any browser and let the Kasm platform handle the hard work.

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Industries Trusting Kasm


Workspaces is wherever the work is. Log in from any modern web browser. Host the entire stack on-premise, in your private cloud, or have us host it for you (SaaS).


Workspaces are delivered through Docker containers, rather than full stack virtual machines, dramatically reducing platform resource requirements and enabling sessions to boot in seconds, rather than minutes.


The Workspaces platform handles all aspects of cybersecurity: single sign-on/2-factor authentication, data loss prevention (DLP), security groups, logging, and web filtering. Kasm Workspaces makes meeting industry regulatory compliance easy.


Our library of browsers, desktops, and applications combined with our robust Developer API allows administrators ultimate freedom to develop customized images and devops pipelines to meet even the most unique requirements and at massive scale.


Kasm Technologies is committed to supporting the open-source community, so we have made all of our Workspaces images and the Workspaces container streaming technology available on Docker Hub and GitHub.


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