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Building effective anti-phishing, anti-malware and ransomware defenses has never been easier. Kasm’s isolation technology insulates users by creating a "chasm" between the user's personal computer and web-borne threats.


A core principle of the Kasm environment is that it is disposable. Each session runs in a fresh, secure and isolated browser environment with each use. With a click of a button all data and executable code is destroyed.


Kasm goes wherever the work is. Log in from any modern web browser. Host the entire stack on-premises or have us host it for you. Kasm containers can be customized to host a single application or a full desktop environment with any number of applications.


While our team provides pre-built containers for browsers and desktops, administrators can customize the environment with approved software and configurations. Read More.


Kasm is equipped with the authentication and security policy needs of many organizations in both on-premise and cloud deployments.

Security Through Isolation

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