Secure Legacy Software

Legacy software can be riddled with vulnerabilities. Kasm Workspaces can run legacy software in a secure remote sandbox. A rendering of the application is transmitted to the user's browser. This ensures the users' systems are kept secure and organizations can continue to operate legacy applications while not compromising on security.

Isolate Insecure Applications

Extend the life of your legacy applications while still keeping your environment and data secure.

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Protect your organization and your users from vulnerabilties by running legacy applications in a secure isolated sandbox.

Web Filtering

Ensures users can only go to the URLs you specify, from within the Workspaces session. This is a powerful feature when running web based legacy applications such as Flash.


The Workspaces Developer API can be used to customize your deployment of Workspaces to meet your exact needs. Workspaces can even be integrated into your own web applications..


Kasm Workspaces works on any device with a modern browser: MS Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and more.


Allow users to continue to use Flash applications.

Allow users to continue to use Flash applications. With Adobe dropping support for Flash, most browsers are now blocking the Flash plugin for security reasons. Kasm Workspaces allows organizations to continue to use legacy Flash applications while keeping users secure. The Flash app runs inside a containerized sandbox and the rendering of the session is sent to the user's browser. The user does not need Flash installed or any special software. Read our in-depth blog on hosting Flash applications with Kasm.

Seamless integration

Configuring Kasm for Seamless Browser Isolation

Kasm Workspaces integrates with your existing web and email filtering systems using single sign-on authentication and transparent web redirects to provide a seamless user experience.

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