Shape the Future of Remote Workspaces

Join our team in bringing the latest container streaming technology to the world…

Changing the Way the World Works

Through cutting-edge technology, collaborative teamwork, and innovative solutions.

Cutting Edge Technology

Learn something new every day. We want you to explore and leverage the very latest technologies, including Docker, K8s and Chromium.

Solving Hard Problems

If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. That is why we strive to take on the big problems and cut our own path. We have ambitious goals for you, that include Graphics Rendering, Containerized Workloads.

Collaboration at Scale

The Workspaces engine powers customized applications across several industries. Collaborative development across organizations of all sizes and diverse cultures will help to unleash your creativity and allow you to create things much greater than just a single organization.

Open Source Foundations

The only thing we love more than using tech, is developing tech and giving it away to the people who need it most. We care about giving back and believe in providing solutions to the underserved communities. Give back while you create something great.

Software Developers

Kasm is actively seeking skilled developers with experience in C/C++ or Python and front-end developers with experience in ReactJS.

Kasm provides the backend Platform as a Service (PaaS) technology that powers a number of SaaS offerings of other companies. You might be surprised where you will find Kasm as the silent workhorse under the hood. Our modern web-native architecture makes it easy for you to develop and scale your applications.


Kasm is actively seeking skilled engineers with experience in DevOps environments and AWS development/integration.

The engineering team are the mad scientists that keep our systems available and performing at maximum efficiency. This is the team that we tap into to solve the difficult challenges, like high definition rendering, high efficiency compression or automated cloud formation.

Sales and Marketing

A product is only as good as its customers, so the sales and marketing team leads our engagement with the business and communities that we serve. This team ensures we have consistent and compelling outreach and continue to grow the industries, geographies and organizations that we serve.

Operations and Finance

Well, someone needs to pay the bills…and it is these guys. The business operations and finance team keep the Kasm organization running smoothly and efficiently.

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