Operate your own Workspaces Cloud

Host Kasm Workspaces on your own infrastructure in your on-premise data center or in your Cloud Service Provider VPC. Kasm supports AWS, OCI, GCP, Azure, DO, GovCloud deployments. This provides maximum flexibility in customizing your deployment and ensures that you retain absolute control of your data.

Why chose Kasm Workspaces Server?

  • Lower costs through the utilization of datacenter resources or existing cloud subscriptions. Only pay for the licenses and the compute that you use.
  • More flexibility for technical architecture and deployment configuration, including a hybrid configuration with workloads in both the datacenter and the cloud.
  • Want to run self-managed, but need assistance with the deployment, customization or optimization? Our Professional Services team can customize an architecture specifically for your requirements, deploy to your infrastructure/VPC and then hand over the platform to your team to maintain. We also offer services for upgrades, maintenance or troubleshooting.
  • Choose the license type that best fits your budget and your business requirements, from Community Edition for Personal/Non-profits, to Professional for businesses, to Enterprise for organizations needing maximum scalability, interoperability and features.


Kasm-Managed - Minimum of 25 users

Workspaces as a Service (WaaS)

A fully managed Kasm Workspaces deployment in the public cloud. We provide configuration, scaling, fault tolerance, security, and updates. We keep your deployment running at optimal performance to ensure it enables your business requirements.

  • Geographical diversity using the Kasm Workspaces globally distributed WaaS.
  • No hardware requirement, IT support services, or cloud infrastructure management, simply log into your Workspaces portal.
  • Automated software and security updates to ensure you are always running the latest and most secure version of the Workspaces platform.

Why chose Kasm Workspaces Cloud?

  • Available 24/7/365 from any browser, anywhere in the world.
  • Infinitely scalable to grow quickly to support the needs of your business.
  • Need to be in GovCloud? *For Eligible customers only
  • No Infrastructure provisioning, management or patching.

Features and Benefits Comparison

Evaluate which platform capabilities best align with your requirements


Included with initial setup. Choose from our marketplace.
Managed by the customer. Choose from our marketplace.
Root & API Access
Access provided to the Admin console and Developer API.
Full system access is managed by the customer.
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Includes initial SSO setup. Supports SAML, LDAP, OIDC and Local.
Configured by the customer. Supports SAML, LDAP, OIDC and Local.
User/Group Management
Includes intial user/group setup. Additional upgrades available through Professional Services subscription.
Managed by customer.
Custom Images
Can be added through the Admin console. New images can be requested through Professional Services.
Built/Maintained by customer.
Platform Upgrades
Includes 1 upgrade per year. Additional upgrades available through Professional Services subscription.
Managed by customer. Upgrade scripts provided. Professional Services available.
Logs can be viewed in the Admin console or sent to a SIEM tool.
Logging configuration is managed by customer and can be viewed in the Admin console or sent to a SIEM tool.

Uses Global SaaS Deployment.
Installed by customer. Automation scripts available in open-source Terraform or Ansible projects.
Choose from cloud regions across AWS, OCI, GCP, Azure, DigitalOcean, GovCloud*
Determined by the customer.
Data Residency
Data & Agents can be restricted to specific cloud regions as needed.
Determined by the customer.
Customer selected at
Configured by the customer.
Included with your service.
Completed by the customer.
All single-tenant deployments for maximum security and availability.
Determined by the customer.
High Availability
Available as an option for deployments with 100+ users.
Configured by the customer in a multi-server deployment.

Subscription Options
Personal, Teams, Enterprise
Community, Professional, Enterprise
Annual Cloud Subscription
Annual License Subscription
Licensing Entitlement
Per-User or Per-Concurrent-Session
Based upon license type: Personal, Teams, Enterprise. Professional services available.
Based upon license type: Community, Professional, Enterprise. Professional services available.

Looking for Assistance in Determining the Best Version for You?

Our team can help you to decide the best version of Kasm Workspaces for your technical requirements, business needs, and budget. Submit your questions or schedule a call.

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