Machine Learning

Provide web-based remote
access to workspaces designed for ML development.

Workspaces has native support for NVIDIA GPUs, allowing for easy centralized management of GPU resources.

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Learning Workspace

An environment for computationally intensive workloads

Kasm provides an open-source containerized desktop focused on ML development. The desktop comes loaded with common tools, Python packages, and IDEs. The open source desktop is a starting point for teams to develop their own environments tailored for your needs. Kasm supports the ML development community through our open-source projects and by further developing the platform to meet the demands of the community.

Developer Focused Workspaces

Kasm Workspaces handles everything, so your team can focus on development and not administration.

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Easily manage a cluster of compute resources. Limit desktops to one or more GPUs on a multi GPU system. Manage user resources by group policy and optionally set time limits.

Kasm Workspaces has native support for NVIDIA GPUs.

Create derivative Docker images from one of our apps or use one of core images to base from. Read our documentation for more details.

Kasm Workspaces is easily integrated into any DevOps environment. Automate builds, updates, vulnerability scanning, reviews, and more to ensure the security of your platform.