Machine Learning Workspace

An environment for computationally intensive workloads

Kasm provides an open-source containerized desktop focused on ML development. The desktop comes loaded with common tools, Python packages, and IDEs. The open source desktop is a starting point for teams to develop their own environments tailored for your needs. Kasm supports the ML development community through our open-source projects and by further developing the platform to meet the demands of the community.


Developer Focused Workspaces

Kasm Workspaces handles everything, so your team can focus on development and not administration.

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Resource Management

Per user pricing is all inclusive. No additional licensing, optional add-ons, or dependencies on other licensed products.

Nvidia Hardware Support

Administrative controls for uploads, downloads, clipboard and usb devices, along with restrictions on applications and resources to ensure malware stays out and your data stays secure.


Enterprise-class Single Sign-on (SSO) through your SAML IdP (Azure AD, Okta or G-Suite) or local 2-Factor. Kasm Workspaces makes meeting industry regulatory compliance easy.


Desktop sessions can be reset for each user, or user settings and documents retained between subsequent logins.

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