Teleworking Made Simple

Users access desktop and application resources directly from the browser. Your Remote Workspaces are customized with your applications, configurations, and security controls, providing your workforce with the resources they need, while still maintaining the same control as if they were in the office.

No endpoint installation required!

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Simple Yet Sophisticated

Kasm uses our Containerized Desktop Infrastructure (CDI) technology to create work environments that are easy to setup/maintain, but also scale to meet even the most complex enterprise requirements. Kasm provides a cost-effective and modern DevOps-enabled approach to traditional Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) or Desktop as a Service (DaaS) environments.

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Simple Pricing

Per user pricing is all inclusive. No additional licensing, optional add-ons, or dependencies on other licensed products.

Data Loss Prevention

Administrative controls for uploads, downloads, clipboard and usb devices, along with restrictions on applications and resources to ensure malware stays out and your data stays secure.

Enterprise Security

Enterprise-class Single Sign-on (SSO) through your SAML IdP (Azure AD, Okta or G-Suite) or local 2-Factor. Kasm Workspaces makes meeting industry regulatory compliance easy.

Persistent Profiles

Desktop sessions can be reset for each user, or user settings and documents retained between subsequent logins.

Custom Desktops

Customized Linux desktop containers with tailored applications, configurations and branding.

Web Filtering

Filter user traffic to only appropriated websites. Utilize custom whitelists/blacklists, safe-search and site categorization.

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