Containerized Workspaces

Stream desktops, browsers and applications directly to your browser. Deliver digital workspaces using our open-source web-native rendering technology to establish a modern devops-enabled delivery of our open-source docker image library.

Cloud Desktops on Demand

Desktop as a Service

Desktop access in seconds - on any device, from any location, securely though the web browser.

Access from any browser
No VPN/client install required
Simple Pricing
Web Filtering

Web Isolation Workspace

Zero-Trust Browser Isolation

Keep your web browsing secure, private, and non-attributable with no risk of compromising your endpoint.

Seamless Integration
Web Content Filtering

Application Workspace

App Streaming

Effortlessly stream containerized applications to any browser and let the Kasm platform handle the hard work.

Always Up To Date
Open Source

App Images

Visit our Docker Hub listing for a full list of current images.


Container Streaming on Your Terms

Workspaces can be customized with your applications, configurations, and security controls, providing you
remote access to your resources, from anywhere and on any device.

No Cost Solution

Individuals and non-profit organizations are free to use Kasm Workspaces Community Edition for free. Documentation, training, and community support is available to everyone.

Open Source

Kasm Technologies is committed to supporting the open-source community, so we have made all of our Workspaces images and the Workspaces container streaming technology available on Docker Hub and GitHub.

Flexible & Accessible Deployment

Workspaces is wherever the work is. Log in from any modern web browser. Host the entire stack on-premise, in your private cloud, or have us host it for you (SaaS).

High Performance & Efficiency

Workspaces are delivered through Docker containers, rather than full stack virtual machines, dramatically reducing platform resource requirements and enabling sessions to boot in seconds, rather than minutes.

Robust Security

The Workspaces platform handles all aspects of cybersecurity: single sign-on/2-factor authentication, data loss prevention (DLP), security groups, logging, and web filtering.

Workspaces Learning Journey

Kasm Workspaces Essential Getting Started Guide

Jay from Learn Linux TV provides a getting-started guide, including deployment, management and use-cases.

Our Youtube Channel

Kasm Workspaces Essential Getting Started Guide

Kasm Workspaces User Onboarding

v1.15 Release: Features and Enhancements

Get Started

Kasm Workspaces is just a couple of clicks away. Start here to download, deploy and customize.


Download, untar, and run installer on your Linux Server.


Our Documentation as Code walks you through the installer.


Our YouTube channel with install, configuration and quick-start videos.


Report an issue or bug to our community tracker on Github.