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Kasm Workspaces 1.9.0

sha256: d925a20ee949ef6a9759587069983eb3a6d56b0532210e74be75894b2a5915ce

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Custom Images

Create customized Kasm images pre-loaded with your desired applications. Base from one of our open source images.

Open Source Images

Other Downloads

Name Description
Kasm Workspaces Google Chrome Extension Adds a right click option in Chrome to open a link inside a Kasm isolated browser.

Past Releases

Name sha256
Kasm Server 1.8.0 550a03c8a4c23624e4d607cfe747b6bd279a1d8aad7fec636e7094e8e93c0a8d
Kasm Server 1.7.0 7a91bda0068171a562c4076769741bbffa4b49fc75fd31cd2a8ba4b78eeb5b7b
Kasm Server 1.6.0 9f75775b6a9ba93dcac8cf964d0c6a48d16f8916c14e25002aef50717434f705
Kasm Server 1.5.0 2ad022573cd4aad03a3d66cec9a27c5c375f35bc3dec8dcc5f52bcf0229decef