OneLogin SAML Setup

In the Administration panel of OneLogin:

  • Select add app

  • Select SAML Test Connector (IdP w/attr)

  • Select Save

  • Select the Configuration tab


Configure OneLogin

Open Kasm as an administrator.

  • Go to Access Management -> Authentication -> SAML in Kasm’s navigation bar

  • Click “Add Configuration”

  • Copy Entity ID to OneLogin’s Audience field

  • Copy Single Sign On Service to OneLogin’s Recipient Field.

  • Copy Single Sign on Service to OneLogin’s ACS (Consumer) URL

  • Enter .* in ACS validator (this should be updated with regex for the ACS URL later once login is setup)

  • Optionally copy Single Logout Service to Single Logout URL

  • Select Save on the OneLogin configuration page

Go to the SSO tab on OneLogin’s page


SSO Settings OneLogin

  • Copy the Issuer URL to the Identity Provider Entity ID field on the bottom of the Kasm SAML configuration form

  • Copy the SAML 2.0 Endpoint URL to the Identity Provider Single Sign field on the bottom of the Kasm SAML configuration form

  • Optionally add the SLO endpoint single logout service to the Single Logout Field

  • Select the SSO, then select View Details of the X.509 certificate on the OneLogin page

  • Copy the certificate into the X509 certificate text area in Kasm

  • Select Save on the Kasm Configuration

In OneLogin select the Access tab and select the default roles for users. Go back to the Kasm Saml configuration and select Test SSO.

This will launch the login with the OneLogin portal. If the test is successful the Kasm will be logged in under the username for the OneLogin email provided.

If the test was successful it will have logged out the Admin. Logout and log back in as an administrator.

If the login is not working you may select the debug checkbox in the saml configuration the response will contain the specific saml error

If the login works properly enable the configuration with the enabled checkbox under service Provider

This will enable the login to be seen by the users