Kasm Workspaces Community edition is free to download and install for testing, non-profits and non-commercial activities. It is limited to 5 concurrent sessions and community support via our public issue tracker.

Pricing for Kasm Workspaces Professional and Enterprise tiers are available in two licensing models.

  • Per Named User This license agreement is based upon the number of users registered in the system. This agreement is best for a fixed number of high volume users as they will always have access to a kasm provided the server resources are available.

  • Per Concurrent Session This license agreement is based upon the number of sessions run at one time. These licenses are slightly more expensive as they do not have a limit on users but are best for situations when many users may need access to sessions but at separate times or not on a regular basis.

For pricing and feature lists please visit

Buying a License

There are two ways to purchase a Kasm Workspaces license.

  1. For most purchasing needs you can use our checkout process which will provide you with an instant Activation Key.

  2. Select the Version, License Type and Number of Users and click CHECKOUT



  1. After entering your email click SEND EMAIL VERIFICATION


Email Verification

  1. Kasm Technologies will send you an email with a one time code to verify your email address.

  2. Enter the One time code in the space provided and the credit card information section will appear to complete your purchase.


One Time Code

  1. Enter your credit card information view and accept the EULA and click COMPLETE CHECKOUT


Complete Checkout

  1. If you require an invoice for your companies purchase process you can request a quote


Request a Quote

Adding A License


If you have an Activation Key it can be passed to the installation script and activation will be completed on your behalf as part of the install. Create a file for the Activation Key e.g. activation_key.txt and paste in the Activation Key you received in you confirmation email. When running the use the parameter -a or --activation-key-file so your command might look something like this sudo bash kasm_release/ -a activation_key.txt. This will not work with an offline air-gapped install, as Kasm Workspaces must contact an activation server to complete licensing your installation. In a multi server install this option only applies to the database role.

To license an existing Kasm Workspaces installation you will need the activation key that was provided when purchasing your Kasm Workspaces license.

Getting the license key for an offline Kasm Workspaces installation

If you are licensing an offline Kasm Workspaces installation you will need to use our online activation tool Kasm Workspaces activation tool to obtain a License Key before continuing.

  1. First retrieve your Activation Key received at the time of purchase.

  2. Second you will need your Installation ID, which can be found from the Kasm Workspaces installation.

    1. Navigate to the web application.

    2. Navigate to Diagnostics -> System Info and locate the entry for Installation ID.


Installation ID

  1. Navigate to Kasm Workspaces activation tool.



  1. Paste in the Installation ID and the Activation Key.

  2. Click Submit.


Activation Complete

Licensing the Kasm Workspaces installation

  1. Navigate to the web application.

  2. Navigate to Diagnostics -> System Info -> Licenses tab.

  3. Select Add License from the Licenses tab.



  1. Copy the Activation Key or License Key into the box and click Add.


Adding a License

  1. The license information will be shown in the Licenses Card.


Activated License