What’s new in Kasm 1.16.0


  • Added ability to add inline help to fields to make it easier to understand what the field is for and to point to our docs if more context is needed.

  • Added standalone workspace PWAs. This allows individual workspaces to be installed as remote apps.

  • Added RDP gateway capability to provide RDP client access to Kasm Windows servers.

  • Egress Providers to Kasm Container Workspaces to allow routing network traffic through Egress Gateways.

  • Added support for path based reverse proxies.


  • Usability Enhancements

    • Added a group setting for the default language of the application user interface, users can still override the setting in their profile.

    • Added improved support for using rclone crypt wrappers in Custom Storage Mappings. Encryption Keys are automatically generated for all users.

    • Added improved support for Variable Substitution to Storage Mappings.

    • Added the ability to set the background image on casting links

    • Added editable columns to the workspace list view for cores, memory, docker image and persistant profile path to make bulk editing easier.

    • Added a selection dropdown for the CAPTCHA type in Server Settings and added Cloudflare Turnstile and hCaptcha to the currently supported Google reCAPTCHA v2.

    • Made the user dashboard more keyboard accessible, this is a work in progress but the improvements include, tiles are now focusable and interactive, all actions on open sessions are now accessible, Search, Categories and User profile are now usable. Across the application toggle buttons are now usable via keyboard.

    • GCP Provider updates: now supports expanded startup script types including Windows scripting via powershell, batch file or command shell. If you are updating existing GCP Providers please see this note

  • Infrastructure Support Enhancements

    • Upgrade Kasm Database to use PostgreSQL 14.x

    • Improve functionality of Kasm Manager health check to guard against managers stuck on provisioning and ensure Primary Manager does not change when many Servers are provisioned at once.

    • Improve behavior of autoscaling, allow multiple autoscale configs to be scaled up and down concurrently. Improve concurrency of orphan server cleanup.

    • Added Microsoft RemoteApp support at the Workspace Image level for easier administration of Windows RemoteApps.

    • Added support to specify maximum simultaneous sessions and maximum simultaneous users independently for RDP servers, allowing for greater flexibility for RemoteApps and scenarios in Windows RDS and terminal services environments.

    • Windows server health is now tracked for servers with the Kasm Service installed. Sessions will not be assigned to servers that are not reporting in, enhancing reliability of created sessions.

    • Add support for installing on Ubuntu Noble 24.04.

  • Kasm Image Enhancements

  • Kasm Windows Service

    • Simplified Windows Service installation and registration process.

    • Enhanced logging for easier troubleshooting and auditing.


  • Fixed issue that caused S3 persistent profiles to not store files if there are a large number of very small files.

  • Fixed bug that caused Agents that stopped checking in, to not get marked as missing in accordance with the Host Missing Expiration global setting.

  • Fixed issue that prevented the ‘allow_totp_2fa’ setting from being enabled by default on new installs.

  • Fixed issue with windows sessions not being redirected after time limit finishes if the countdown is hidden.

  • Fixed an issue with storage providers where the name of a provider wasn’t updateable after it was created.

  • Fixed issue that caused the wget command to not work on Ubuntu, Oracle and AlamaLinux images when Web Filtering is enabled.

  • Fixed issue where windows workspaces with the agent installed would sometimes generate error logs about calls to an unknown /style/ url

  • Fixed kasm_guac not purging old log files.

  • Fixed issue with public API not returning new JWT formatted session tokens.

  • Fixed issue where requesting a Kasm on behalf of a default user that has never logged in fails.