What’s new in Kasm 1.7.0


  • Added Web Filtering Support. Administrators can filter traffic based on domain blacklists/whitelists, url categorization and enforce Safe Search.

  • Administrators can now limit usage of users and groups via the Usage Limit Group Setting.

  • Added a new Developer API to allow for custom integrations.

  • Added support for Microphone Passthrough to the Kasm. Administrators can allow/disallow this functionality via the Allow Kasm Microphone Group Setting.

  • Added multiple Load Balance Strategies to Deployment Zones.

  • Added the ability to disable Agents from the Kasm UI. Sessions will not be provisioned on Agents. that are disabled.

  • Added the ability to destroy all sessions on an Agent. from the Kasm UI.

  • Updated Kasm Images from Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04

  • The download control panel widget now supports folder traversal.

  • Added dynamic scaling video detection to Kasm Images. When video playback is detected, the Kasm session will automatically switch into video mode for smoother video playback and reduced bandwidth consumption.

  • Browser Images will now auto-restart the browser if accidentally closed by the user.

  • Table filters now support fuzzy searching.

  • Group Settings are now sorted.

  • Added Toggle Control Panel user preference. When enabled, user can double press CTRL to open the control panel within a session. The default is disabled.

  • Added log rolling to service containers

  • Added JSON file logging for all services.


  • Fixed audio and chat not working when Kasm Server is run on custom port.

  • Auto Login to Kasm would not work in some situations.

  • Fixed issue with Agents pulling images from authenticated private docker registries.

  • Removed unnecessary ports from being exposed.