What’s new in Kasm 1.5.0


  • Implemented Deployment Zones to provide administrators more control of distributed deployments. The system will prefer to provision sessions on Agent’s in the same Zone. Images can also be restricted to certain Zones.

  • Added automatic Kasm create, resume and URL forwarding via a /go URL to support seamless browser isolation deployments for use with redirection and policy route techniques. Calling the /go URL e.g (https://kasm.acme.com/#/go?kasm_url=wikipedia.com) will load or resume the user’s default Kasm Image, then launch the browser to the desired page specified in the kasm_url query argument.

  • Added Docker Exec Config to Kasm Image definition. Administrators can now define docker exec commands to be executed upon Kasm creation and/or resuming via the /go url.

  • Added User Settings to allow users to assign a default Image, and disable Tips when launching a Kasm.

  • Agent now reports and kills zombie kasm containers.

  • Google Chrome Image now available by default. Google Chrome is also now used in the Kasm Desktop instead of Chromium.

  • Improved connection speed when loading a Kasm.

  • When viewing a Kasm, ctrl+W is now caught in the native browser and passed to the Kasm. This prevents users from accidentally closing the native browser’s tab to Kasm, and instead closes Kasm browser’s tab

  • The Login Banner can now be configured via the global settings.

  • Added a configurable Login Assistance link that is displayed on the login form.

  • Added automatic check for updates.


  • Entering an incorrect password may have resulted in two Access Denied error messages

  • Some session credentials expired prematurely leading to failed connections to sessions

  • Under certain conditions, the Downloads list would not populate in the Control Panel