Connection Proxies

The Connection Proxy component is the gateway between users and resources they want to access that utilize RDP, SSH or traditional VNC. Container based desktops and apps do not utilize the Connection Proxy component.

There are multiple Connection Proxy component types: Guac and RDP Gateway. The Guac Connection Proxy is responsible for providing users web-native access to RDP/SSH/VNC resources. The RDP Gateway Connection Proxy is responsible for providing users RDP access to backend resources, using a native RDP client.


Connection Proxies

Create Proxy

  • Select Infrastructure > Connection Proxies from the navigation menu.

  • Select Add from the top right of the Connection Proxies table.


Creating a new connection proxy


Server Address

The address the connection proxy is listening on for connections from the user and from Kasm.

Server Port

This is the port that the connection proxy listens on for connections from Kasm.

Connection Type

The connection type to use: GUAC - our web native RDP/SSH/VNC server connection method that doesn’t require anything installed on the users machine, just a browser. RDP Gateway - allows connecting using RDP clients installed on the users local machine.


The zone the connection proxy is attached to.