What’s new in Kasm 1.9.0


  • Kasm Server and Kasm Cloud now re-branded as Kasm Workspaces.

  • Updated user interface design.

  • Expanded list of default desktop and application images including Core Images for CentOS, Ubuntu, Kali, REMnux, and NVIDIA CUDA. All Images are now open-source.

  • Renamed -edge tags to -rolling

  • Added Session Staging to allow Administrators to pre-create session containers for faster user access.

  • Added Session Casting. Administrators can expose custom URLs that will automatically launch Kasm sessions. The Casting URLs can optionally be used without authentication.

  • Agents can now be configured to Automatically Prune Images.

  • Added the ability to clone an Image.

  • Added Require GPU and select GPU Count support in Image Setting. The system will now report the GPUs discovered on the Agent.

  • Added Allow Network Selection to Image Setting. When enabled, users will be able to select the Docker network the session is created on.

  • Added Categories to Image Setting to allow Images to be grouped on the user dashboard.

  • Web Filter Policies can now be assigned to Images. Image policies take priority over those assigned to Group Settings.

  • Added enable_ui_server_logging Group Setting. If enabled, log messages will be sent from client browser to the Kasm Workspaces servers.

  • Added display_ui_errors Group Setting. If enabled, detailed information will be displayed on the client browser in the event of an error.

  • Added allow_zone_selection Group Setting to allow users to select the Deployment Zone for new sessions.

  • Added session_time_limit Group Setting and Image Setting. If configured, sessions will automatically expired after a set amount of time. A countdown timer will be displayed to the user.

  • Added dashboard_redirect Group Setting. If configured, standard users will be redirected to the defined external website instead of being shown the main dashboard screen.

  • Updated the get_userAPI to support sending the username.

  • Added Keepliave to the Developer API allowing developers extend the lifetime of a session.

  • Added Splash Background URL and Login Splash Background URL to Custom Branding

  • Added Anonymous User Expiration (hours) Global Setting to automatically purge anonymous user accounts.

  • kasm_proxy access logs are now emitted as JSON and auto rotated. See File Based Logs for more details.


  • Unhandled errors experienced in the Kasm UI will optionally be displayed and logged to the server for administrator analysis.

  • Removed X and via headers from Web Filter proxy.

  • Fixed issue where the system would report a locally built image with multiple tags as unavailable.

  • Fixed SAML logout error with IdPs that utilized nameIdEncrypted.

  • The Available Slots would be reported incorrectly on the Zones page.