What’s new in Kasm 1.8.0


  • SSH Keys are now generated for all users by default. When the inject_ssh_keys Group Setting is enabled, the users SSH Private and Public Key are added to each new Kasm session. Users can update their profile with a new SSH keypair.

  • Added support for Custom Branding.

  • Added Same Site Cookie Policy Server Setting to assist Kasm deployments that are embedded on other domains in iframes.

  • Added the ability to Disable Users

  • Added the ability to customize the Notice Title for the custom login banner. See Login Configurations for more details.

  • Added a Chat Sound Effects user preference. Users can disable the the sound effects that play when new users join a session or when chat messages are sent.

  • Expanded the Developer API : - Added APIs to create / update / retrieve / delete Users.

    • Added APIs to list images.

    • Added APIs to add and remove users to groups.

    • Added APIs to generate a login link for a user.

    • Added Session Component Control to the Kasm API allowing developers to disabled certain visual elements when programmatically loading a session.

  • Updated Image Pull Behavior to better account DockerHub Pull Rate Limiting : - Agents will pull Images immediately if they do not have an existing copy if the image locally.

    • Agents will issue a pull on existing images once per hour, up from the previous default of every 5 minutes.

  • Updated session management to allow a users to be logged in from multiple browsers at once. Users are given an option to log out of all browsers (sessions) when logging out.


  • Fixed issue where clipboard menu would be disabled if either allow_kasm_clipboard_up or allow_kasm_clipboard_down group setting was disabled.

  • The Sessions list and Dashboard previously didn’t display the number of days a Kasm session may have been alive.