What’s new in Kasm 1.13.1


  • Fixed an issue with autoscaled servers. When autoscaled servers were set to non-reusable, and those servers expired due to the keepalive expiration, the servers were not being cleaned up.

  • Fixed Kasm provision logic to exclude non-reusable servers in a server pool that have already had a Kasm session assigned in the past but have not yet been cleaned up.

  • When creating or editing a server-pool autoscaling configuration, when reusable is not selected, Max Simultaneous Sessions Per Server is hard coded to 1.

  • Fixed an issue where casting configuration enforce client settings was not being enforced on connections through the connection_proxy these included RDP/SSH/VNC sessions.

  • Fixed an issue with the idle disconnect timer for kasm sessions. The admin configured idle disconnect value was not being used.