What’s new in Kasm 1.6.0


  • Added the ability to share a Kasm. If enabled via administrator policies, user’s can give others view-only access to their Kasm. Users have access to a chat room while sharing the stream.

  • Added an administrator Reporting Dashboard to view stats about the running system.

  • All service logs are now viewable via the UI in a Logging Dashboard

  • Added support of Persistent Profiles

  • Added Tor-Browser default Image

  • Added audio support for mobile browsers.

  • Advanced SAML now have their own properties instead of defined via JSON.

  • Updated presentation of global Server Settings

  • Updated Live Kasm’s display to make resuming an existing session more intuitive.

  • Image memory is now defined in megabytes instead of bytes

  • Default images are now downloaded as part of the standard install.

  • Added maximum_kasms_per_user as a Group Setting

  • Added auto_login_to_kasm group setting. When enabled users will launch their default Kasm instead of going to the User dashboard

  • Updated Images settings and Agent so running custom images is easier.


  • Sessions failed to load when launched with latest Edge browser

  • A system error occurred when trying to add a user that already existed

  • /go url now utilizes persistent profiles if configured.