What’s new in Kasm 1.12.0


Autoscaling configs are not automatically carried over during upgrade to 1.12. Administrators will have to reconfiguring those settings manually.


  • Usability Enhancements

    • Added support for Gamepad Pass-through

    • Added the ability to configure the CPU Allocation Methodfor session containers. The default now uses Shares which allows sessions to use all CPU resources if there is no contention.

    • Administrators can force a local user to reset their password on thier next login.

    • Added support for admin to reset a users LDAP account password

    • Allow LDAP users to reset their password on login if it has expired

    • Added JumpCloud LDAP Configuration Example.

    • Added new optional Multi Server role for Proxy, allowing for a single Web UI portal and many remote agent/proxy configurations for Workspaces sessions.

    • Add support for physical TOTP tokens

    • Added LDAP, OpenID, and SAML attribute mappings. Allows the administrator to map data from the identity provider to Kasm user fields.

    • Added additional customization for what options are available in the Kasm session control panel. These options can be accessed from Group Settings

    • Added Casting Configuration Names for administrative clarity

    • Web Filters now support WebSockets

    • Added new configuration to pull a max number of docker images concurrently, see Changing MAX Concurrent Docker Pulls

    • Added a new Windows Service for providing uploads, downloads, resource monitoring, and getting screenshots from Windows based desktop servers.

    • Added customizable background images for the Workspaces launcher page as a Global Setting or via Custom Branding.

    • Added lossless mode using special installation flag for true 24 bit lossless remote desktops Lossless mode

  • Infrastructure Support Enhancements

    • Added support for Oracle Linux 9 base operating system

    • Added support for CentOS Stream 9 base operating system

  • Kasm Image Enhancements


  • Fixed bug that prevented Nvidia GPUs from being properly assigned to containers if non-Nvidia GPUs were also installed in certain configurations.

Known Bugs

  • The group setting for session_time_limit does not work in 1.12.0. It has been fixed in the developer preview release and will be fixed in the 1.13.0 release. As a workaround the session time limit can be set on individual images.