Custom Branding

Administrators may choose to add custom branding to their Kasm deployment.


Default Branding


Custom Login Logo Caption and Splash


Workspaces launcher supports using a custom background

Application Branding

Kasm allows administrators to define multiple branding configurations that are chosen by the system based on the URL hostname the users accesses the system with.


Changes to branding may take up to 90 seconds to be apply since certain requests are cached by the system. When regularly changing and testing branding settings it is best to use the following steps to observe the changes:

  • Wait 90 seconds after the configuration change is made.

  • Logout of the Kasm UI.

  • Navigate the browser to the login page, and do a hard refesh of the page (Typcially CTRL+F5) or clear the browser cache.

  • Login and verify changes.


This feature is available in Kasm Workspaces Enterprise.

Branding Configs can be defined in the UI by an administrator under Settings -> Branding.


Branding Config List


Branding Options




The name for the configuration.


The hostname of the URL used to access the Kasm deployment is used to map the appropriate branding config.

Favicon Logo URL

URL for the favicon logo image.

Header Logo URL

URL for the application header logo image.

Launcher Background URL

URL for the background image for the Workspaces launcher. See Default Backgrounds for a list of available default images.

HTML Title

HTML document title.

Login Caption

Caption displayed under the login logo.

Login Logo URL

URL for the login logo image. If a custom logo is used, the phrase “Powered By Kasm” will be displayed under the new logo.

Login Splash Background URL

URL for the login splash background image.

Loading Session Text

The text to display while the user is connecting to a session.

Joining Session Text

The text to display while the user is joining a shared session.

Destroying Session Text

The text to display when the session is being destroyed.


If the configuration is set to Default, this system will use this configuration if the URL hostname does not match another config.

Session Branding

The default background used within a session container can be adjusted by Building a Custom Image or Using File Mapping to Change the Default Background of a Workspace.


The background can be changed by replacing the following file. Recommended resolution: 1920x1080 px.


Default Backgrounds

Workspaces includes a number of default backgrounds by default. Below is a preview of the images and the relative urls that can be used in the configurations.