Custom Storage Provider Setup

Custom storage providers give administrators the ability to create free-form configurations that create docker volumes and then map them into containers.

Configuration is largely instrumented through the Volume Config and Mount Config options in accordance with any desired docker volume plugin and driver options.

Unlike the other providers, Storage Mappings for Custom Storage Providers may only be configured by administrators. No settings are exposed on the Storage Mappings for Custom Storage Providers, so they only service as an association by the admin to a Workspace, Group, or User.



Custom Provider

Storage Provider Type




Default Target


Volume Config

(S3 Example)

     "driver" : "rclone",
     "driver_opts" : {
         "type" : "s3",
         "path" : "bucket-name",
         "s3-provider" : "AWS",
         "s3-env-auth" : "false",
         "s3-access-key-id": "--redacted--",
         "s3-secret-access-key": "--redacted--",
         "s3-region" : "us-east-1",
         "uid" : "1000",
         "gid" : "1000",
         "allow_other" : "true"

Mount Config



Many of the storage provider exapmles include default storage driver options used by rclone. These hae been observed to work well with Kasm in its default configuration, but may be adjusted by adminstrators as needed. Please note, the available options often vary based on provider plugin (e.g Gdrive vs OneDrive)

The Rclone Docker Plugin is installed by default as part the standard Workspace install.

More inforation about rclone driver options may be found at

Create Storage Mapping

Storage Mappings for Custom Storage Providers can only be configured by Administrators.

  1. From the Workspaces app , select the desired Workspace, User or Group to associate with the Storage Mapping.

  2. Select Storage Mapping tab and select Add Storage Mapping.


Add Storage Mapping

  1. Select the Custom Storage Provider from the Type dropdown and select Next


Configure Storage

  1. Launch a new container-based session. Verify the Custom storage is mapped inside the session at the /custom location.


Custom Mount