Persistent Data

By default, Kasm Workspaces spins up containerized sessions that are ephemeral in nature. However, some use cases require that certain data or configurations persist between sessions. There are two main ways to achieve this: Persistent Profiles and Volume Mappings.

Persistent Profiles automate the process of mounting a host directory into the Workspace as the users home directory. These are analogous to Roaming Profiles found in other platforms. When configured, users may select whether to use their persistent profile when launching a session, disable it (making the session ephemeral) it, reset the profile - (clearing the contents and starting a fresh profile).

Volume Mappings are a more generic feature that can be used to map host-level directories into the session. They may also be used to share folders across multiple users/workspaces and thus are more appropriate to simulate an organizational share. Volume mapping can be configured at a group level or individual Workspace level.

(Cloud) Storage Mappings are flexible solution aimed at giving end users the ability to attach their cloud storage accounts directly into the file-systems of container-based sessions. Administrators configure supported Storage Providers (e.g Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Nextcloud, S3). Admins can then configure mappings to those providers at a User, Group or Workspace level. End users can enroll their own accounts for the configured providers via their profile.

Please review the documentation links below to get a detailed explanation of each type and how to configure them.