KasmVNC - Web Native Remote Access

Kasm Technologies developed Kasm Workspaces, the Containerized Streaming Platform. Kasm has open-sourced the Workspace docker images, which include containerized full desktops and apps and base images intended for developers to create customized streaming containers. These containers can be used standalone or within the Kasm Workspaces Platform which provides a full Enterprise feature set. KasmVNC is used as the streaming tech for our container images, however, you can use KasmVNC directly on servers. While the term VNC is in the name, KasmVNC is not compliant with the RFB spec and has different goals than other VNC projects:

  • Modern - Our goal is to use the best tech to accomplish our goals, even if it means breaking with VNC’s RFB specification. We also intend to use only browser native tech client side, without sacrificing performance or quality. This is done by using the latest browser tech possible, such as WASM, WebRTC, and WebGL.

  • Secure - KasmVNC has data loss prevention (DLP) features built in. Our software is also routinely PEN tested by various organizations to meet stringent security requirements of our clients.

  • Simple - KasmVNC aims at being simple to deploy and configure.

Ensure the documentation version matches the version of KasmVNC installed. For versions prior to 1.0.0, the documentation was kept on the GitHub project’s readme and you will need to reference the tagged commit for the matching release. For releases 1.0.0 and later, this document is published for each release.

Kasm Workspaces provides browser-based access to on-demand containerized desktops and applications.

More information is available at www.kasmweb.com

Issues can be reported on the KasmVNC Issues Page