Update Custom Workspaces

Each release, the Kasm Technologies team updates the default workspaces with new features and security updates. Old workspaces should be removed as they may not be compatible with new Kasm features.


Kasm Workspaces 1.13.0 and newer utilize a Workspaces Registry to install new Workspaces after upgrade. Upon logging into Kasm Workspaces for the first time after the upgrade the administrator will have the opportunity to add the default Kasm Workspaces registry if the administrator has not already configured it.

Workspaces from prior releases may contain incompatible features and are not guaranteed to work. Kasm recommends that the administrator utilize the registry to add the latest compatible Workspaces for the installed version.

Kasm recommends rebuilding any custom Workspaces using the appropriately tagged Docker image (e.g : kasmweb/core-ubuntu-focal:1.15.0 ) see creating custom Kasm images for more information.

See Default and Custom Docker Images for details.

For existing Workspaces officially supported by Kasm, it is possible to edit the Workspace configuration and change the tag to the new version of Kasm Workspaces, this will preserve configuration and group settings that may already have been added. It will take a few minutes for the Kasm Agent to download the new Workspace during which time it will be unavailable.