Kasm Workspaces currently only utilizes the Redis service for the shared session chat feature. You can safely remove the redis container without impacting your deployment, assuming that shared sessions are not utilized. The following commands process should be followed for single server and multi-server deployments respectively.


For multi-server installations, WebApp role only, you will need to add the --skip-connection-test argument to the installation command to skip connection tests to the Redis service, which will not exist. For all other roles, or for single server installations, no additional installation arguments are required.

Post Installation

The following commands can be ran after installation to remove Redis service and the associated micro-service. For a multi-server deployment, it is not necessary to run this on the Agent role servers.

sudo /opt/kasm/bin/stop
sudo /opt/kasm/current/bin/utils/yq_x86_64 -i 'del(.services.kasm_share)' /opt/kasm/current/docker/docker-compose.yaml
sudo /opt/kasm/current/bin/utils/yq_x86_64 -i 'del(.services.kasm_redis)' /opt/kasm/current/docker/docker-compose.yaml
sudo /opt/kasm/current/bin/utils/yq_x86_64 -i 'del(.services.proxy.depends_on[] | select(. == "kasm_share"))' /opt/kasm/current/docker/docker-compose.yaml
sudo rm /opt/kasm/current/conf/nginx/upstream_share.conf
sudo rm /opt/kasm/current/conf/nginx/services.d/share_api.conf
sudo /opt/kasm/bin/start