Swap Partition

Administrators can configure sessions to provision with any amount of cpu or memory allocations by editing the in the Kasm Workspace Settings. However, even a host with more than enough system memory can run into stability issues without enabling a swap partition. For this reason, the Kasm installation recommends a swap partition to be present.


Install Swap partition for best stability of end user sessions. For additional details on docker resource constraints see the following link: Docker Resource Constraints

Creating a Swap Partition

During installation users will be prompted to create a swap partition if none are present. Following this menu a swap partition of any size can be defined depending on the needs of the deployment.

To skip this check pass the --no-swap-check installation flag. To automate this process the --swap-size installation flag can be passed with a number in megabytes for the resulting swap partition. Example:

sudo bash kasm_release/install.sh --accept-eula --swap-size 8192

This will create an 8 gigabyte swap partition during Kasm Workspaces installation and assuming the installation is unattended bypass the License prompt.

For general information on swap partitions check out the Ubuntu Documentation