Kasm Technology Demo

Try out a 3 minute interactive demo of our Browser Isolation, Containerized Desktop Infrastructure, or Cloud Application Streaming technology.

Instantly launch an interactive containerized Workspace of your choice.

Chrome Workspace

Browser Isolation

Desktop Workspace

Containerized Desktop

OnlyOffice Workspace

Application Streaming

Want to learn more about the technology?...along with having access to additional features, such as additional applications, choosing your cloud geolocation, upload/download, screen-sharing? Then contact us today to learn more.

Kasm Technologies Inc is not associated with the following companies. Kasm Technologies provides copies of unmodified 3rd-party software inside of the Workspaces container streaming platform. The following companies do not endorse or support Kasm Technologies Inc. Kasm Technologies is not responsible for the following applications provided by these companies.

1. OnlyOffice name and logo are registered trademarks of Ascensio System SIA.
2. Chrome name and logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc.